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Department of English

Name: Dr Ajay S Sekher

Designation: Asst Professor, Dept of English, SSUS

Address: 2B, C, Apple, Matoor, Kalady 683574

Phone: 9895797798

Email: ajaysekher@gmail.com

Ph D, M G U Kottayam, 2007  

MA, M G U, 2000

PG, MPhil., Ph.D.

Sahodaran Sahitya Award 2015 by Cherai Sahodara Smarakam

Adiyar Deepam Award 2014 by PRDS Eraviperur, Tiruvalla

Caste and Gender in Literature, Postcolonial Indian Literatures, Malayalam Literature, Dalit Studies, Subaltern Studies, Literary Theory, Buddhism and Indian Cultures, Cultural Studies, Cultural Politics...

1. University Education, Caste, Nationalism and Fascism in India. Littcrit 81, 42 (June 2016):45-55.  ISSN 0970-8049.

2. Breast-cloth Struggles of Kerala.  Forward Press VIII, 2 (Feb 2016): 22-24

3. Land of Demons: Sara Josephs Bhoomi Rakshasam as a Critique of Life and Theatre. Malayalam Literary Survey 35, 3 (Sept 2015): 13-22

4. Towards New Cultural Historiographies and Geographies. Littcrit 80, 41 (Dec 2015): 38-41

5. Solzhenitsyn: Samagradhipatyatinte Kadhana Vimarsam. Sahitya Lokam 43, 5 (Oct 2015): 5-17

6. Two Unheard Voices from South India. UGC National Seminar Proceedings, PG Dept of History, SCAM Govt College Thrissur. 9-16

7. Asuranaya Devante Kammala Samskara Vadam. Anayatha Jwala (M V Devan volume) by Kerala Lalitakala Akademi Thrissur. 33-40

8. Violent Sanskritization of Mahabalis Land. Forward Press vii, 10 (Oct 2015): 9-17

9. Rupturing the Caste Hymen (124-27) in Littcrit 77, 40 June 2014.  ISSN 0970-8049.

10. Senapatiyum Patriarchysum (25-33) in Sahitya Lokam 42, 5 Sept  2014.  ISSN 2319-3263. (Kerala Sahitya Akademi Journal)

11. Democratizing the Academia (29-37) in Albertian Review of Literature 1, 1 Dec 2014.  ISSN 2394-3009.

12. Short Fiction and Minor Histories (176-87) Counter Cultural Discourse and Dalit Literature in India. Ed M Dasan and Rajesh Karankal. ABD. New Delhi 978-81-8376-441-4.

13. The Polyphony of Dalit Criticism in Malayalam (188-192) Counter Cultural Discourse and Dalit Literature in India. Ed M Dasan and Rajesh Karankal. ABD. New Delhi 978-81-8376-441-4.

14. Mataparivartanatile Jati (124-140) Ghar Vapasi.  Ed J Reghu.  DCB 

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15. Narrating Diabolic Disposession (89-104) in Humanities Circle 1, 2 June 2013.  ISSN 2321-8010. (Inter National Journal of Central Univrsity of Kerala)

16.  Ilapallyile Marmaram (175-77) in Sahitya Lokam 42, 2 April 2014.  ISSN 2319-3263.   (Kerala Sahitya Akademi Journal)

17.Dalitam (2047-49) in Malayalam Research Journal 6, 2 May 2013.  ISSN 0974-1984.  (Refereed Bilingual Journal of Benjamin Bailey Foundation)

18. Savarna Charitra Nirmitikal (125-29) J C Daniel. Ed. D Premlal.  ISBN 978-81-922772-4-0.

19.  Tinkalkaad (25-27) D Vinayachandran. Ed. Pramod P Seban

20.  Jalacchaayayute Jaivarastreeyam (9-19) Jalacchaaya by M K Harikumar.  ISBN 81-8423-299-3

21.  Tribal, Minor and Marginalia in Malayalam Cinema (129-133).  ISBN 978-81-926652-1-4. UGC National Seminar Proceedings by Farook College, Calicut, titled Pedagogy beyond the Text

22. The Stair and Ravi by Sara Joseph (46-50) in Indian Literature 269 May/June 2012 ISSN 0019580-4.yes  

23. Cherukadhayute Vartamanavum Vicharavum 23-25. Sahitya Chakravalam, journal of Kerala Sahitya Akademi Jan 2012 2319-3255

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25. Killing Field Translation of K K Govindans poem Oxford Anthology of Malayalam Dalit Writing. Ed. M Dasan et al. Oxford UP 978-0-19-807940-0

26. Identify, Alienation, Expression: Dalit Writing in Kerala Translation of K K Baburajs essay Oxford Anthology of Malayalam Dalit Writing. Ed. M Dasan et al. Oxford UP 978-0-19-807940-0

27. History and Subjectivity127-33. Littcrit 9070-8049

28.  Politics of Spirituality 79-83 IBA Journal 2230-7524

29.  History and Film 1137-42 Malayalam Research Journal 0974-1984

30.  Kerala Visual Cultures 40-45 Chitravarta, Journal of Kerala Lalitkala Akademi 29573-7800

1. Dr B R Ambedkar, 2015, SPCS. 978-93-85725-29-6

2. Nanuguruvinte Atmasahodaryavum Matetara Bahuswara Darsanavum: Anukambayute Nitisastram, 2016, Mytri. 81-921983-4-0 

3. Sahodaran Ayyappan: Towards a Democratic Future.  Calicut: Other Books, 2012.  978-93-80081-18-2

3 M Phils awarded, one currently working
8 scholars currently working

1. Poetry of Counter hegemonic Culture and Ethical Aesthetics: Sahodaran Ayyappans Liberative Poetics and Cultural Politics in Kerala.   International Seminar on Poetry as Counter Culture: An Unbroken Indian Tradition at IIAS Shimla. 16-18 May 2016.

2. Tirukural and Buddhism in Tamilakam.  International Seminar on Tirukural at School of Letters, M G University Kottayam. 1-3 March 2016.

3. Kanchi or Vanchi: The Birth Place of Bodhidharma. International Symposium on Bodhidharma at Institute of Asian Studies Chennai. 13-14 August 2015.

4. Critique of Hegemonic Nationalism in Kerala Renaissance. National Seminar on Nationalism and Transitions in Kerala Socieity at School of Social Sciences, Dept of History, University of Kerala. 18-19 March 2016.

5. Cinema and the Subaltern. National Seminar on Cinema at PG Dept of English, Cochin College, Kochi. 28-29 January 2016.

6. Memory and Counter History: C Ayyappans Short Fiction. UGC National Seminar on Contemporary Short Stories at Dept of English, Gandhigram Rural University. 21-22 December 2015.

7. Anti Caste Writing and Dalit Writing in Kerala. ICSSR National Seminar on Dalit Writings: Resistance and Reconstruction at Dept of English, Annamalai University, Chidambaram. 27-29 July 2015.

8. Two Unheard Voices from South India: Poykayil Appachan and Ayyothi Thasar. UGC National Seminar on Unheard Voices: Resistance and Responses of the Marginalised in Colonial India at PG Dept of History, SCAM Govt College Thrissur. 16-17 Sept 2015.

9. Caste: Genealogies and Genocides. National Seminar on Thakkol Vakkukal or Key Words at Dept of Malayalam, UC College Aluva. 20-22 January 2016.

10. Dalit Politics and Literature. Lecture Series on Theory and Praxis 2015-16 at PG Dept of English, Govt College Tripunithura. 20 Oct 2016.

11. Local Histories and Erased Genealogies of Buddhism in Kerala. Seminar on Local History by Kerala Historical Research Society at Kerala Sahitya Akademi. 20 June 2015.

12. Cultural Legacies of Matilakam. National Seminar on Trikanamatilakam at Chilapatikaram Festival 2015, Matilakam. 17 May 2015.

13. Cultural Archaeology of Buddhism in Kerala National Seminar on History and Archaeology Kerala Historical Research Society, Thrissur  6 National

14.  Dalit Aesthetics Seminar on Black and Dalit Literatures Centre for English Studies and Research, Thrissur  1 State

15.  Poykayil Appachan and Subaltern Speech in Kerala UGC Seminar on Discourse of Human Rights in Dalit Life Narratives St Thomas College Kozhenchery. National

16.  Anti Caste Legacies of Buddhism and Jainism in Kerala National Seminar; Narrating Centres and Peripheries: Minority Discourses in India Dept of English, Christ University Bangalore National

17.  Cultural Buddhism National Workshop on Cultural Buddhism Dept of Philosophy, SSUS Kalady National

18.  "Black Humour in Poykayil Appachan." International Seminar on Humour: Texts, Contexts University of Kerala, Area Study Centre for Canadian Studies International

19.  "Indian Counter Cinema." National Seminar on Literature, Cinema and Modern Indian Culture S N College Kannur, Eng Dept. National

20. "Early Dalit and Anti-caste Literature in Kerala." UGC Workshop on Dalit Consciousness in Malayalam poetry, S N College Shornur, Eng Dept. State

21. "Land of Demons: Sara Josephs Bhumirakshasam as a Subaltern Critique of Theatre and Life." Traditions of Dissent in Subcontinental Literatures and Cultures. Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod International

22.  "Broken Buddha of Pattanam: Iconology, History and Textuality." Buddhist Impact on Indian Traditions S S U S, Kalady National

23.  "Tributes to Prof M Dasan: A Minor Critique of his Academic Life and Works." Minor Subjectivities: Paradigms of Representation and Discourse Kannur University, Thalasery campus. National

24.  "Kerala Renaissance and Dalitbahujan Spaces." Adivasi-dalit Languages and Literatures Dept. of Malayalam and Kerala Studies, University of Calicut

25.  Tribal, Minor and Marginalia in Malayalam Cinema Politics of Representation Dept of English, Farook College, Calicut National

26.  Identity, Subjectivity and Dalit Agency Imagining Democratic Futures Dept of History/GEDS, S S U S, Kalady National

27.  Hegemonic Popular Popular Culture: Theory and Practice Dept of Malayalam, Nirmala College Muvatupuzha National

28. The Politics of Spirituality: Poykayil Appachan and his Praxis Dissident Streams in Spirituality Dept of Philosophy, S S U S, Kalady National

29. Rereading Yavanika of Changampuzha Rereading Romanticism Sahitya Akademi New Delhi at Kochi Changampuzha Park. National

30. Short fiction and history Contemporary Malayalam Short fiction: Path and Truth. Dept. of Malayalam, U C College Aluva. National

1. National Seminar New Worlds/New Words at Dept of English, SSUS Kalady in Dec 2015. Joint Convener

Numerous extension lectures delivered in various cultural and literary meets.

A Class on Tribal Education and Development at Swaminathan Research Foundation, Kalpata, Wayanad as part of Gotradisa Camp for Tribals. 2014

Delegate at IFFI Goa in Nov 2014 by Ministry of IB, Govt of India

Delegate at IFFK Trivandrum in Dec 2014 by Kerala Chalachitra Academy

Participated in UGC National Seminar at St Xaviers College for Women, Aluva Eng Dept in Dec 2013

Curated a group art show Pada in KLKA gallery at SSUS (March 16-21, 

Chaired a session on Life Narratives National Seminar on Discourse of Human Rights Dept of English, St Thomas College Kozhenchery. National

Chaired a Session on New English Literatures. National Seminar on New Worlds/ New Words Dept. of English, SSUS Kalady National

A talk on Writing Caste in Kerala at EFLU Hyderabad, SIDS in Jan 2014

Pandit Karupan Commemmorative Speech at Maharajas College Ernakulam

A speech on Buddhism in Kerala at All Kerala Buddhist Conf Kochi, Jan 2014

Delegate at IFFI Goa in Nov 2013 by Ministry of IB, Govt of India

Delegate at IFFK Trivandrum in Dec 2013 by Kerala Chalachitra Academy

Delegate at ITFoK Thrissur in Feb 2014 by Kerala Sangita Nataka Akademi

Participated in UGC National Seminar at SSUS Kalady Eng Dept in Dec 2013

Chaired a session on Social Media National Seminar on Comparative Literature School of Letters, M G U National

Chaired a Session on New Malayalam Cinema. National Workshop on Film Dept. of Malayalam, Govt College Tirur National

Chaired a Session on Minor and Folk traditions National Seminar on Literary Tradition of Malapuram Dept of Malayalam, SSUS Tirur National

Delivered a short speech introducing dalit pop music  at SSUS Tirur centre as part of the inauguration of Film Club

Delivered a homage to D Vinayachandran  at SSUS Tirur in 2013

Curated the Film Festival at SSUS Tirur, March 2013

Participated in the public conference at Kochi Biennale

"Signifying the Region" Academic Forum SSUS Tirur. University Level

Chaired a Session on Dalit writing. Adivasi-dalit Languages and Literatures Dept. of Malayalam, University of Calicut National

Chaired a Session on Minor literatures Minor Subjectivities Kannur University National. 2013

Contemporary Art and Culture Inauguration of Art Forum Varnasala Nirmala College, Muvatupuzha State level. 2012

Stories of C Ayyappan C Ayyappan Commemmoration Dept of Malayalam, KKTM Govt College, Pullut State level. 2012

Member IQAC

Member Library Journal Editorial Board

Member Academic Council, Translation Studies

Member Dept Council, English Dept

ARO, Union Elections 2016

Member of the executive committee of teachers organization at the Univ.

Orientation Course 28 Days (Oct 23-Nov 20 2015) ASC Calicut University

Refresher Course 21 Days (4-24 Feb 2015) ASC Utkal University

15 Day Pali Course     Dec 2015   SS University Kalady

Teacher in Charge of English Dept at Tirur RC from 2012 April to 2014 June. Started and established the Dept and library collection for English there.

About Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

The University was established two decades ago in the name of the illustrious Indian philosopher Jagad Guru Adi Sankara in his place of birth at Kalady. The basic objective of the University is to impart knowledge in various branches of Sanskrit, Indology, Indian culture, Indian and Foreign languages, Indian philosophy, Fine Arts and Social Sciences and to promote the study and research in Sanskrit and other systems of Indian knowledge. As a centre of cultural heritage and a house for indigenous art forms, the University is envisioned to harmonize the society through educational excellence.