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Official website of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

Department of Painting

Name: BABU K

Designation: Assistsant Professor

Address: Kunthirikulathu Madom, Jeevalaya Family Park Road, Chengal, Kalady. P O, PIN 683 574.

Phone: 9447889908

Email: babunamboodiri@yahoo.com

1. BFA (PAINTING), College of Fine Arts Trivandrum, Kerala University -1987

2. MFA (PAINTING) College of Art, Delhi University - 1990

3. UGC NET, University Grants Commission -1991

4. International Research Studies at Tokyo Natiomnal University of Fine Arts and 

    Music, Tokyo, Japan. 1998-2000.

UG, PG, Teaching various Subjects in "Visual communication" UGC Add on Job Oriented Course since 2012 at SSUS, Kalady.

1. Awarded Cash and Certificate by All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society with selection to their National Exhibition at New Delhi. The work of art was purchased to their collection. 2003.

2. Awarded Japanese Government Fellowship (Monbusho Scholarship) to research Art at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo Geidai), Tokyo, Japan.(1998-2000) through Govt.of India.

3. Awarded JRF and SRF by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, 1991-1997.

4. Awarded First prize (Silver Medal) of College of Art, New Delhi.1989.

5. Awarded Highly commented certificate in the State annual art exhibition   by Kerala State Lalithakala Academi, Trissur, Kerala.

6. Awarded State Annual award (Certificate and Medal) by Kerala State Lalithakala Akademi for Painting in 1986.

Painting, Photography, Traveling, Reading, Writing on Art, Digital and advanced terminologies in Art, Digital Film Production.

8. Presented paper titled "Amrita Sher-Gil" in two day National Seminar on "Women in Art" by Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady, 2015.

7. Presented paper titled "Clusters and Craft traditions in Kerala" in Two day seminar named "The Global and the Regional in Indian Contemporary Art"" by Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady, 2014.

6. Presented Seminar Paper Titled "Painting- 'Present, Future, Own Experience' on invitation by Kerala State Lalithakala Akademi, in an one day seminar to the invited audience at College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, 2013.  

5. Presented paper on "Philosophy of Own Work of Art" in 2 day UGC National Seminar on Artists work: philosophy organized by Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady in 2011.

4. Presented paper titled "50 Years of Art in Kerala" during 2 day UGC National Seminar on the topic 50 years of Malayalam organized by department of Malayalam, SSUS, Kalady in 2007.

3. Presented a paper titled "Introduction of Art Education System in Various Art Schools" in the state level seminar Innovative Methods on Art Education Organized by Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady. In 2007.

2. Presented a paper on the topic Involving for a new technique for innovation during the participation in the UGC symposium on innovative methods of Learning and Teaching in the field of Fine Arts Education in Colleges  at college of Fine arts, Trivandrum,  2005.

1. Presented paper on the topic Emergence and Growth of Individualism in Indian Art during the seminar organized by Kerala Lalithakala Academi and Kerala University in 1997, at Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum.

5. Organized 2 day National Seminar with funding of UGC at Department of Painting, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady. 2013.

4. Organized two day State level seminar "Innovative methods in Art education"at Department of Painting, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady. 2007.

3. Organized and operated stall for Sree sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady in the International Edudction meet 2006 (IEM'6) organized by Government of Kerala, India from 4th to 7th February, 2006 at Kochi, Kerala. 

2. Organized Various programs (Students and faculty exhibitions and seminars) for students and faculty members of Department of Painting from 2002 to 2008 as Head of the Department of Painting 

1. Curated and conducted Inter National Art Exhibition 2002 at Suryakanti Art gallery, Trivandrum, Kerala State, India  in which International artists from Eight Countries took participation.

1. Adhunika Bharatiya  Chitrakalayude Paschathalam- Part-1

    Prabhavam Monthly-Malayalam. Vol 26 (August-September 2003) Issue-2

2. Adhunika Bharatiya  Chitrakalayude Paschathalam- Part-2

     Prabhavam Monthly-Malayalam. Vol 26 (December- 2003) Issue-3.

3. Adhunika Bharatiya  Chitrakalayude Paschathalam- Part-3

     Prabhavam Monthly-Malayalam. Vol 27 (April-May 2004) Issue-1.

4. Rajaravivarmayilude Kadannuvanna Adhunikatha. Part-1.   

        Prabhavam Monthly (Malayalam) Vol.28 (April-May 2005) Issue-2.

5.  RajaravivarmayiludeKadannuvanna Adhunikatha. Part-2.   

     Prabhavam Monthly (Malayalam) Vol.28 (August-September 2005)  Issue-3.

6. Aswadakarum, Vimarsakarum. Prabhavam Monthly (Malayalam)   

      Vol.28 (December 2005- January 2006)   Issue-4

7. Bengal Scoolinte Vakarcha. Sameeksha, Malayalam. December  

     2005 Vol-1, Issue-7.

8.  Modernism Chitrakalayil, Indianism, Experiments. Sameeksha,  

      Malayalam. March -2006, Vol-1, Issue-10.

9.  Nammude Thol Nizhal Pavakoothukar, Sameeksha, Malayalam,   

      April-   2006, Vol-1, Issue-11.

10. Roopam Keraleeya Chitrakalayil- Part-1, Prabhavam Monthly,    

      Malayalam, June-2007

11.Roopam Keraleeya Chitrakalayil- Part-2, Prabhavam Monthly,  

      Malayalam   September-2007.

12. Our Leather (Shadow) Puppeteers. Kiranavali Journal of 

       Sanskrit Research Foundation, The new Trivandrum Sanskrit   

      Series, Vol.III & IV July December-2010. ISSN 0975-4067

13. Development of Form in Painting: Modern Period in Kerala,   

       Kiranavali Journal of Sanskrit Research Foundation, The new  

       Trivandrum Sanskrit Series, Vol.III  

       & IV July December-2011. ISSN 0975-4067.

14.  Bhadrakalikalam, a reminiscence of Dhooli Chitra,     Kiranavali    

       Journal of Sanskrit Research Foundation, The new  

       Trivandrum Sanskrit Series, Vol.III &IV, July-December 2013.  

       ISSN 0975-4067.

1.Name of Book:- Kattoor narayana Pillayude Chitralokam" 

   Published by Kerala State Sahithya Akademi, 

   Year: 2015,

   Role: A Major literary contributor.

1. "Clusters and Craft traditions in Kerala" UGC Minor research project, 2012 on wards, Near Completion.

1. Member of Academic Council, Sree sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady , 2002- 2013. As Head of the Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady.

2. Member of Board of Studies in Painting, Sree Sankaracharya University of sanskrit, Kalady, since 2002 to 2013.

3. Member of Board of Studies in Applied Arts, University of Kerala, Trivandrum.

Duration for for three years from 14.01.2011to 2014.

4. Member of Board of studies in Applied Arts, University of Kerala, Trivandrum.

Duration for Three Years from 2014-2017.

5. Member of Board of Studies in Faculty of Visual Art, University of Bangalore, Bangalore. From 2014-2016.

A. Teaching and Administrative Experience.

1. Head of the Department of Painting, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, From 2002-2013 except for the period from 2008-2010.

2. Course & Center Coordinator and Associate Professor at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal, Madya Pradesh from 2008-2010.

B. Achievements as a Professional Artist/Painter.

a International cultural/studies and experience (abroad)

1. One month visit to cultural centers in Europe, Artists residency programme in 

    Budapest, Visit to important Museums, Art Galleries and Visual material 


2. Visit and exchange of views with artists of Maldives- Invited by National 

     Gallery of Maldives- Republic of Male cultural exchange and participation  

     in  the exhibition during the inauguration of National Gallery of 


3. 1998-2000 -18 months stay and studies in Japan with award of Monbusho 

    Fellowship- exposure to Japanese culture- study on art in Tokyo National 

    University of Fine Arts and music, Japan Study of Japanese Language and 

    culture at Saitama University and other Japanese exposures.

4. 1999 Artists communication programme and international artists camp at 

     Kyoharu Sirakaba Bijutsukan, Yamana-shi Ken, Japan. (During Monbusho 


b. Participation in International Invited Exhibitions/ Biennal/Triennale /Events.

 1. Jaipore International Art Festival, Jaipore, Rajasthan, India. 2013.

2. International Print Art Biennale at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal. 2010. 

3. International group exhibition by Asiatic society of Bangladesh Dhaka.2008.

4. Group show at National Gallery of Art at Malie, Maldives administration.2006. 

5. Arad Biennale, Romania. 2005.

6. International Artists camp and exhibition in Bangalore and Delhi   

   During Triennale India By Central Lalithakala Academi,  New Delhi.2005. 

7. Ex-Libris, Print Art Biennale, Exhibition In Mexico.2003. 

8. Organised an exhibition of artist friends from  Eight countries at 

     Trivandrum. 2002.   

9. International Group Exhibition by Japanese Contemporary   

     Artists Association at Gallerie le Petite,  Paris, France.2002.

10. A Group Exhibition Conducted By Korean embassy (Silk Gallery) at Tokyo,     


11. Dawn of Asian age. Group Exhibition Conducted By Chuwa Art Gallery, 

       Tokyo, Japan.  2001. 

12.International artists exhibition organised by Yoshi Art Foundation Art Gallery, 

     Tokyo, Japan. 2000.

13. Group exhibition at Kyobashi Tokyo, Japan.1999. 

14. International Artists Symposium at Kyoharu Sirakaba Bijutsukan, 

                      Yamana-Shi Ken, Japan.1999. 

15.  International exhibition organised by Sahmat in various places as 

        50th Year of Indias independence celebrations, New Delhi, India.1998.

16. 8th Triennale India, New Delhi, India.1994. 

17. 6th Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh.1993.


1. Vyloppilly Sanskrity Bhavan Gallery, Sponsored by KLarala lalithakala Akademy, 2015. Inaugurated by Prof. Kattoor Narayana pillai.

2. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India. 2014. Inaugurated by

3. Bharat Bhawan Galleries, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 2009.  Sponsored by 

4.   Bharat bhawan Bhopal. Inaugurated by  Bhopal City Mayor.

5. Lalithakala Academi, Durbar Hall Gallery, Kochi. 2008, Sponsored by Galerie 

     Sara Arakkal, Bangalore.

6.  Galerie Sara arakkal, Bangalore.2008, Inaugurated by Artist Yusaf Arakkal. 

7.  Birla Academi Of art and Culture, Kolkata. 

    Inaugurated by Art Critic Sri. Pranab Ranjan Ray

8. Regional Centre, Central Lalit  Kala Akademi, Chennai 2004, Inaugurated by 

     Sri. Art Critic Sadananda Menon. 

9. Lalitha Kala Akademi Gallery, Trivandrum,  2004,

    Sponsored by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi.  Sri. Adoor Gopala Krishnan.

10. Busan City Citizens Hall, Busan, Korea. 

      Sponsored by International Artists Association. Inaugurated by 

      Korean Artist Cha Kyung Dai.

11.  Art Space Rashinban Gallery, Kyobashi, 1999. Tokyo Japan. 

       Inaugurated by Artist Prof. Kinutani Kouji 

12. Chitrakala  Parishat, Bangalore, India. Inaugurated by Artist Sri. Nanjundarao. 

13. Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay, India.1994, Inaugurated by  Dr. Mulk Raj Anand.

14. College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, India. 1991, 

      Inaugurated by Cartoonist Abu Abraham.

15. Lalitkala Academy, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, India.1989, 

      Sponsored by Kajaria Ciramics. Inaugurated by Artist Prof. O.  P Sharma

16. College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, India. 1987. Sponsored by 

      Kerala lalithakala Akademi. Inaugurated by Sri. Narayana Bhattathiri.

17.  Lalitkala Academy, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi,

       Sponsored Hindustan Latex.India.1987.

        Inaugurated by Artist, C V Dharma Ratnam.

18.  Kalapeetom, Kochi, India.1985, Inaugurated by Vayala Vasudevan Pillai

19. College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, India.1984, 

     Inaugurated by Artist Prof. C L Porinchukutty.

d. Two Person Exhibitions.

1. Lalitkala Academi galleries, Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan Trivandrum. 

   (With Joseph Mathew)  2012. 

   Inaugurated by Prof. C L Porinchukutty. 

2. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. (With Azis. T M)1988. 

    Inaugurated Mrs. K G Menon.

c. Participation in Professional Artists Camps, Professional Residency Programs. 

1. Jaipore Art festival, Jaipore, Rajasthan, India. 2013.

2. K C S  Paniker birth centenary artists Camp at Kalagramam, Mahi,

   Organized by Kerala Lalithakala  Academi. 2012. 

3. National Painters Camp at International Roerich Memorial Trust, Naggar, 

     Kullu organozed by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.   2008.  

4. International Artists Installation Camp at Chennai Organised by Cultural/Art 

     Promotional Group and Gallery Dakshinachitra Chennai. 2006.

5. Visit to The Republic of Maldives and communication with artists organized 

     by Gallery Palazzo, Chennai and the Embassy of India at Maldives..2006.

6. Artists Interactive camp on Shadow Leather Puppetry at Chennai 

     organized by Central Lalitkal;a Academi at Regional Centre, Chennai.2006.

7. Artists Camp at Peechi, Kerala. 

    Organized by Kerala Lalitkala Academi. 2005.

8.International Artists Camp at Bangalore, Organized during 10th Triennale , 

    India by Central  Lalitkala Academi, New Delhi. 2004.

 9.National Artists Camp and Exhibition Organized by Gallery  

     Sara Arakkal at Bangalore.2003

10. Regional Artists Camp Organized by Kerala Lalitkala Academi 

     at Kochuveli, Trivandrum. Kerala.2002.

11. International Artists Camp at Kiyo Haru Sirakaba Bijutsukan, 

      Yamana Shi-Ken, Japan.Organized by Yoshii gallery, Tokyo, Japan.2000.

12. Artists Camp Organized by Chitra Kala Parishat, New Delhi.1989.

 13. Artists Camp Organised by Kerala Lalitkala Academi 

      at Kollam,  Kerala. 1987. 


Participated in more than 150 professional group exhibitions in India and abroad organized and curated by various Individuals, Governments and private organizations like -

Department of Painting, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.

Malayala Kalagramam, New Mahi.

Diggi House Palce, Jaipur, Rajastan.

Govt. of Kerala.

Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Dakshina Chitra at Chennai.

Birla Academi of Art And Culture at Kolkata. 

Gallery Palazzo at Chennai. 

National Museum at Republic of Maldives Administration.

Suryakanti Art gallery, Trivandrum.

yEL Instituto Municipal de Cultura de Guadalupe, Mexico.

Busan City Citizen Hall, Busan, Korea.

Contemporary Artists Association, Tokyo, Japan. 

Galerie le Petit, Paris.

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan.

Yoshii Foundation Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

Kyoharu Sirakaba Bijutsukan, Yamanashi-Ken, Japan.

Silk Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

Korean Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

All India Fine Arts and Crafts society, New Delhi.

Safdar Hashmi memorial Trust . New Delhi. 

Gallery Sara Arakkal at Bangalore,

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academi, Trissur, Kerala, 

Lalit Kala Regional Center at Chennai.

Relliance Industries, Mumbai. 

National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Little Theater Group Art Gallery at New Delhi. 

Lalithakala Akademi of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

College of Art at New Delhi.

Kerala Kalapeetom, Kochi.

Chitra Kala Parishat at New Delhi. 

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

Suryakanti art Gallery, Trivandrum

25 Recent selected Exhibitions and other activities I have organized/participated since 2008 are the following.

1. II nd edition of India Art and Gems Fair (IAGF) 2016 at Leela Palace, 

    Bangalore on 30th June 2016.

2. An art show by eminent artist at Kota Homes.No.2981, First Floor, 

    12th Main, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, 1st April to 31st May 2016.

3.12th Annual art exhibition of Galerie Sara Arakkal, Bangalore, 2015.

4. Participated in the Exhibition related with 

     Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations 2016 at SSUS, Kalady

5. Rupabheda Exhibition of Paintingsin connection with

     Sree Sankarajayanthi Mahotsava -2014

6.  Participated in the Exhibition related with 

     Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations 2016 at SSUS, Kalady

7. Presented Paper in "Global and the Regional in Indian Contemporary Art" 

    Two day National Seminar by Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady. 2014.

8. Participated in a group exhibition "Start Edition by Department of Painting  

     SSUS,Kalady-2014. (during Inter-national Workshop on Art.)

9.Participated in a group exhibition organized by 

     Gallerie Sara Arackal in Bangalore-2014.

10. Participated in The State Artists Camp Organized by Kerala 

       Lalithakala Akademi Academi-Titled-Mazha-2014-atTrichur-District.

11 Individual Exhibition at Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan, Art gallery, Trivandrum sponsored by Kerala Lalithakala Academy. 

12. Participated in the 10th Annual Exhibition of 

      Gallery Sara Arakkal-2013 Bangalore

13. Individual Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2013.

14. Participated in the Jaipur Art festival 2013

15. Participated in a group exhibition Aquarelleorganized by 

       Gallerie Sara Arakkal in Bangalore-2013.

16. Particiapted in an Exghibition organized by Department of Painting 

      with Sankarajayanthi celebrations at SSUS, Kalady.

17. Participation in the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival 

       Exhibition organized by Govt. of Kerala-2013

18. Participation in the Malayalam Visvamahotsavam 

       Exhibition organized by Govt. of Kerala-2012

19. K.C.S Paniker Birth Centenary Artists camp by 

       Kerala Lalithakala Akademi at Malayala Kala gramam, Mahi.2012

20. Participation in the International Print Art Biennale 2011, 

       Bharat Bhawan Bhopal.

21. Presented a paper in UGC National Seminar on "Artists Philosophy" at 

       Department of Painting, SSUS, Kalady-2011

22. Participation in the Drawing Line Art exhibition at Bangalore 

        organized by Galerie Sara Arakkal 2010.

23. Conduct of Individual Exhibition at Bharath Bhawan, Bhopal, 

       Sponsored by Bharath Bhawan. 2009.

24. Individual Exhibition of Paintings at Durbar Hall Art gallery, Kochi, 

       sponsored by Galerie Sara Arakkal.2008

25. Individual Exhibition of Paintings at Galerise Sara Arakkal at 

        Bangalore, 2008.

A. Refresher Course/Orientation Course attended and Training obtained. 

1. Orientation course at UGC-ASC, Kerala university- Duration-21 days. (24.09.2010- to 21.10.2010)

2. Refresher Course in Liberal Arts, UGC-ASC, BHU, Varanasi- Duration 21. Days, (11-31 December 2010).

3. Refresher Course in Human Rights. (Multi Disciplinary UGC- ASC Kerala University. 26th , May to 16th  June 2013

4. Refresher Course in Environmental Sciences (Multi Disciplinary) UGC- ASC Kerala University. 16th January to 5th February, 2014. 

5. Obtained Training in "Fashion Illustration" in Training of Trainers program at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi in 2009.

6. Obtained Training in "Visualization and representation" in Training of Trainers Program at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai in 2009.

B. Foreign Language Training.

Foreign Language Training Obtained.

1. French              -  Certificate de Francais Elementaire         1996

                                 from Alliance Francais de Delhi.

2. Japanese.        - Basic Japanese and Cultural Studies       1998

                                 Certificate from Saitama University

                                  International Fellow Center.

  C.Computer Knowledge

Acquired necessary knowledge to use computers through private and self study . Familiar with DOS, Windows and Macintosh environment. Practiced various programs and software including Illustrator, Photoshop, 2D Animator, 3DStudioMax, Flash MX, Corel draw, Page maker, InDesign, and Auto CAD for related design generation and manipulation.  Aware of entire CAD operations. 

Familiar with soft wares for Web site designing, Development, Web Hosting and Authoring. Knowledge on various packages and experience for Video Capturing, Editing, Titling, morphing and creating sound effects by using appropriate programs.

About Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

The University was established two decades ago in the name of the illustrious Indian philosopher Jagad Guru Adi Sankara in his place of birth at Kalady. The basic objective of the University is to impart knowledge in various branches of Sanskrit, Indology, Indian culture, Indian and Foreign languages, Indian philosophy, Fine Arts and Social Sciences and to promote the study and research in Sanskrit and other systems of Indian knowledge. As a centre of cultural heritage and a house for indigenous art forms, the University is envisioned to harmonize the society through educational excellence.