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Department of Higher Education (DHE) has decided to implement E-Governance in Department of Technical Education (DTE), Directorate of Collegiate Education (DCE), University of Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi University, Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT), University of Calicut (UOC), Kannur University and Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit (SSUS). The proposed e-Governance system will process Institution/University wide transactions on a single software system with multiple functional systems that are designed to streamline almost every aspect of how institutions operate. This system can provide deep visibility to governing bodies at University, Higher Education Department and student level to analyse their performance and hence gear up for future requirements.

The major objectives of the project are:

  1. Improve service delivery to the public
  2. Empowerment of University/Institutional officials at all levels
  3. Increase operational efficiency by reducing manual and repetitive tasks
  4. Create a platform for sharing information across the State
  5. Better communication and automation
  6. Intelligence sharing on real-time basis
  7. Fast decision making

To develop this software DHE appointed Infinite Computer Solutions as the Software Development Agency (SDA) and IIITM-K as Project Monitoring and controlling Unit (PMU).

The entire project life cycle comprises of phases such as System Study (AS-IS and TO-BE), SRS documentation, System Design, Coding, Testing and Implementation as well as user training. Currently the project has completed the documentation and review of the existing system study (AS-IS), TO-BE data gathering and, FRS/SRS data gathering. SRS documentation is currently in progress.


  1. SDA released the SRS document for Phase 1: Organizational structure, Workbench & General Modules, Meeting Management modules on 19th August for review.
  2. Prototype installations and environment set ups for SSUS completed by the SDA on 18th August 2015