About IQAC

IQAC Members
  1. Dr. P.K. Dharmarajan, Vice Chancellor (Chairman)
  2. Dr. K.S. Ravikumar, Pro Vice Chancellor (Vice-Chairman)
  3. Dr. Thomas K Job (Syndicate Member)
  4. Dr. T.P. Raveendran, Registrar
  5. Sri. T.L. Suseelan, Finance Officer
  6. Sri. Yoosuf K.A., Joint Registrar (Administration)
  7. Sri. Akhil C.M. Reasearch Scholar, Sanskrit Vedanta,
  8. Adv. K. Thulasi, Kalady Panchayath President
  9. Dr. Tolin CEO, Tolins Tyre Manufactures
  10. Dr. Biveesh U.C. , Research Officer, RUSA - SPD
  11. Dr. M Manimohanan Professor in Sanskrit Vyakarana
  12. Dr. Shanti Nair, Professor in Hindi
  13. Dr. Valsalan V.A, Professor in Malayalam
  14. Dr. C.S. Sasikumar, Professor in Sanskrit Sahitya
  15. Dr. L.Sushama, Professor in Malayalam
  16. Dr. Lissy Mathew V, Professor in Malayalam
  17. Dr. Sunil P Elayidom, Professor in Malayalam
  18. Dr. Susan Thomas, Professor in History
  19. Dr. Babu K Viswanathan, Associate Professor in Hindi
  20. Dr. Jose Antony, Associate Professor in Social Work
  21. Dr. Nakulan K.V, Associate Professor in Urdu
  22. Dr. Vijayalekshmi K.P. Assistant Professor in Sanskrit Vedanta
  23. Dr. Chandravadana G., Assistant Professor in Hindi
  24. Dr. Saju T.S.,  Director, IQAC


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  • Create quality awareness and consciousness amongst all stakeholders
  • Formulate strategies for curriculum enrichment
  • Develop quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities of the University.
  • Conduct periodical academic and administrative auditing
  • Facilitate learner-centric environment conducive to quality education
  • Expedite student support services
  • Enhance use of ICT in teaching- learning and governance
  • Promote scientific research skills among faculty and students
  • Develop and administer feedback mechanism and respond appropriately to fulfill stakeholder expectations


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
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Preparation and submission of AQAR to NAAC
Popularize the use of ICT and e-learning
Additional Skill Acquisition Programme
Regular stakeholder meetings