About the Department

The year 1994 was a path-breaking year as far as Sree Sankaracharya University is concerned, as the University which was then a reservoir for various Indian languages decided to introduce English for the General Degree Course. The Department of English gradually scaled new heights as in the year 1999 the University introduced a Research Programme: the major focus area being qualitative and innovative research. The PhD programme attracted students from every nook and corner to the University. The growth was alarming that within a period of five years as in 2004 a Post Graduate programme in Language &Literature gained impetus.

The following year, 2005 proved fruitful as the Department successfully launched an M.Phil programme to incite critical aptitude among students marking a strong foundation for ingenious research projects. The contributions made by the Department in various fields of education, especially in the field of Humanities have been acclaimed largely. The Department is technologically equipped to negotiate application-oriented disciplines like English Language Teaching and Linguistics whereas the versatile teaching Faculty capable of mediating novelty in discourses on Disability Literature, Cultural Studies, Post Theories, and Translation Studies form its backbone.

At the University, the Department aims to provide academic excellence by laying a strong grounding in Language and Literary Studies as a means to appreciate the aesthetics of Language and Literature. A team of committed and accomplished teachers cater to the holistic development of the students, nurturing their capacity to think critically. The Department of English holds an enviable record of having produced about 40 PhD’s and around 130 M.Phil’s within a short span of time.



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