One year programme under credit and semester system.Job oriented skill training programmme both in Ayurveda and International Spa Therapy focusing towards the employment opportunities both in India and Abroad. Industrial training with reputed spa and wellness centres with stipend.
The department of Ayurveda and its activities; the research programmes offered (Direct Ph. D in Ayurveda) is the first of its kind in the state of Kerala in the university level. It is only centre which promotes research in Ayurveda giving thrust on interdisciplinary approach. The outcomes of the research projects completed by the scholars both Basic and Applied have been communicated to the Professional through the CME programmes.Ayurveda isn’t any a lot of a treatment of folks practices nowadays. it’s evolved as a full- fledged system of life science and extremely equipped medical faculties. every year Ayurveda opens countless career opportunities each in Asian nation and outdoors. As folks area unit a lot of awake to the positive effects of Ayurveda therapies, the demand for a lot of treatment centers and mean professionals have exaggerated staggeringly. There area unit many high-paying careers in Ayurveda. Here area unit a couple of Ayurveda jobs and Ayurveda courses that fit your profile.
Programme Structure
Diploma programme consists of 7 courses in Ayurveda and International spa, industrial training and project work of 40 credits in two semesters with a minimum of 975 working hours.
Programme duration
semesters within a period of one year. The 1 st semester shall be from June to October and 2nd semester from December to April. The working days will be from Monday to Friday. There will be one month break in November and in May between the semesters.

The department of Hindi is established in 1994 and belongs to the Faculty of Indian Languages to popularize and promote post-graduate and research studies in Hindi. M.A Programme was started in 1994; MPhil and PhD Programmes in 1995. Post-graduate Diploma in translation and office proceedings in Hindi was started in 2002. Within a short period our Department has grown and emerged as one of the prestigious Post-Graduate and research centers in Kerala for Hindi language and literature.Duration of the Diploma programme shall be two semesters subject to maximum of three semesters. Instruction method shall include lectures,seminars,discussions,demonstrations and field studies in appropriate cases. There will be eight courses with four credits each. The total credit will be 32.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Translation is a course that is meant to provide aspirants with a good idea about the finer aspects of translation. In today’s world, translators have very much importance. This is mainly because translation plays the role of a socio-cultural bridge. This important tool meant for the imparting of knowledge that is related to any specific discipline or field. More importantly, the studies in translation are meant to provide aspirants with a boost to unite people in the context of diversity.

Programme Highlights

  • Innovative professional and management skills
  • Global careers as Wellness Professionals
  • Corporate Industry exposure
  • Internship in corporate spas in operations, management, design and marketing.
  • Research and Integration on wellness therapies
  • Global demand for trained and academically accredited Wellness Professionals
  • OBE (Outcome Based Education) Syllabus and Curriculum