About the Department

The Department of History set on foot in 1994 is an abode of excellence where new scientific historical knowledge was imparted and new knowledge is generated in a rational and logical way. The Department succeeds in generating knowledge both within a regional as well as national historical perspective.. This knowledge base is spread out in the form of numerous Dissertations/Theses, research papers, articles, proceedings, monographs and the like:

The Department has identified and opened up hitherto untouched areas in the study of Modern Kerala History. This is so executed by initiating a very large number of micro-level inquiries in the form of dissertations at the Master’s and Doctoral level, which can constitute the base/core of any attempt at producing the local and regional histories of Kerala, and change the way Kerala History has so far been portrayed.

To serve the best educational interest of the students and society, our teaching department is spread out in five centres located in different parts of Kerala where we offer a comprehensive and flexible curriculum to fulfil our mission and vision. We are imparting the body of historical knowledge in a creative, stimulating and challenging manner among the students. Moreover we are encouraging students to think critically and analytically applying learned principles, concepts and skill.

Areas of study