About the Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology, established in 1995, initiated its early steps with an undergraduate course, in the triple main stream (Psychology, Sociology and Sanskrit) and belongs to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. In the year 1998, triple main courses were dispensed and Psychology began to be offered only as one of the interdisciplinary subjects for the B.A. Sanskrit core course. Ph. D. Programme was started in the department in the year 2003, which was later converted to integrated M.Phil - Ph. D. programme in 2005 and again the same was bifurcated in 2012. P.G. Programme with emphasise on Ancient Indian Psychology and Clinical Psychology was begun in the academic year 2005-2006. No other Universities in Kerala offer a course in Indian Psychology, which has high links in Sanskrit and Sanskrit texts. 22 Ph.D.s have been awarded in different specialized areas like Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuro Psychology and Stress Management. The department has been providing counseling and psychological services for the needy. In 2016, M.A. Psychology was converted to M. Sc. Psychology.