About the Department

The Department of Sociology came into prominence in 1995 and comes under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Sociology department has acquired its vital position among the academic as well as research institutions in Sociology both inside and outside the state of Kerala. The department has introduced notable and innovative teaching and research activities, which makes the student equivalent to those in any other universities in the country. Since 1995, Sociology is taught as an interdisciplinary subject catering to the needs of undergraduates. In 2009, it became a research department with the PhD programme in Sociology. The department now offers a portfolio of M.Phil as well as PhD programmes. Each academic programme has been visualised in a manner that, they have excellent depth in sociological theory, methodology and practice. The elective courses offered in several multi-specialised areas of research attract a large number of students to our programmes. The Department of Sociology at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit offers vibrant options to specialise in the subject with contemporary relevance.


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