About the Department

The department of Sanskrit Vyakarana is established in 1993 and belongs to the Faculty of Sanskrit Grammar. Preparing students to participate in Vakyarthasadas, a traditional Endeavour to preserve and generate knowledge in Sanskrit Sastras. Conducting Communicative Sanskrit classes to students to improve their communicative skills in Sanskrit.

The Department Faculty members are competent to extend their work in collaboration with other Social, Cultural, Religious organisations like All India Oriental Conference, South Indian History Congress, Granthasala Prasthana, etc. and other such organisations in Kerala. The Faculty Members are active in Propagation and Promotion of Sanskrit Studies in Kerala. The Department extends both deep and wider knowledge to the students as the syllabus covers both the traditional and modern aspects of Sanskrit Grammar and related subjects. Optional and elective courses offered to other Departments focus on interdisciplinary aspects. UG programme offers ‘Informatics - Vyakarana’ as a core subject.


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