About the Department

The department of Sanskrit Vedanta is established in 1993 and belongs to the Faculty of Indian Metaphysics.The philosophy of Advaita Vedanta presented systematically by the great Acharya Sankara, is the most valuable contribution of India to the world of intelligentsia. The relevance and importance of the universal principle of mutual love, co-poeration, religious tolerance etc. are the only means to attain world peace and human welfare.

In the department, serious studies on the teachings of Vedanta are going on. Several National and International seminars ,workshops are being conducted for exploring, reserving and propagating this great Advaita tradition .This department also organised a series of eminent lectures on pertaining topics of Advaita under the title ‘‘Sree Sankara Annual Lecture”.

A galaxy of traditional Scholars and intellectuals from all over the world were invited to these Seminars and other academic events . At the core we try to maintain the motto ‘‘All humanity is One” Our mission is to preserve this unitive spirit and to spread its fragrance to every nook and corner of the whole world.

All the religious leaders and social reformers aim at the transformation of spirituality into practice. Department of Vedanta is also incessantly working for thriving for the fruits of this spiritual transformation and its practical application, ultimately the well-being if humanity as a whole.