R&D Cell

The Research and Development Cell (RDC)
  • Develop, monitor and review policies relating to the University’s research activities, including research and research training, internationalization and international reputation, and their management.

  • Guide, monitor, review and endorse the activities of its sub-committees (i.e., the Research advisory committee, the University Ethics Policy Committee and Faculty Research committees etc.)

  • Encourage the development of the University’s strategic research priorities and objectives and monitor research performance within the framework of the University’s Planning process.

  • Review, on a triennial basis, submissions for formation and or continuation of University Research Strengths and advice on funding allocations to, and the status of, all RDC funded research groups.

  • Affirm policies for sponsored research and consultancies.

  • Safeguard the intellectual property of the University and its Faculty.

  • Provide leadership and advice on mechanisms to improve monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of the University’s research performance.

  • Hold one to two events annually to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information concerning research training issues for the broader research community.

  • Inform and advise the Academic community on research and research training matters as and when they arise.

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