Prof. Dr. MK Jayaraj

As an assortment of cultural legacies and an abode for traditional and modern art forms, the University is contemplated to perceive harmony and wisdom by merging indigenous Sanskrit knowledge with modern institutional forms. Our University is the first in the state to implement the Outcome-Based Teaching Learning and Evaluation (OBTLE) scheme. The challenges raised by the pandemic also brought along opportunities to experience, learn and launch the best in us. Everyone in the University does their best to keep the system on the move. We heartily welcome the NAAC Peer Team who shall be visiting our institution this month.

Vice Chancellor


Professor and Head: Department of Physics, Cochin University of Science and Technology 2019-2020

1. Member of the syndicate: Cochin University of Science and Technology (2016- 2019)

2. Director Strategic Planning: Cochin University of Science and Technology (2018-2020)

3.Dean of Faculty of Environmental studies: Cochin University of Science and Technology2019-continuing.

4. Hon. Director: Founder director of Centre of Excellence in Advanced materials (2010-2020)

5. Entrepreneur: Mentor of ‘Delgado Coating & Technology Solutions Private Limited’

6. Scientific social service: (co-organiser or co-chair of symposiums/conferences, SPIE and ECS student chapter advisor, reviewer, expertise contributor/ agencies on material science, optoelectronic devices, delivering invited technical and popular talks on transparent and flexible electronics)


Thin film and nano-composite devices including sensors/detectors and energy converters, especially transparent flexible electronics. Transparent metal oxide films as transparent conductors for photovoltaic, transparent flexible electronic devices like thin film transistors. Luminescent nanomaterials for bio imaging applications, upconversion phosphors for security printing, solar cell applications. Surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates for detection of food adulterants, DNA detection cancer detection, and Metal oxide based sensor for breath analysis. Science and technology of thin films: Domain matched epitaxial, polycrystalline, nano-crystalline composite thin films with special emphasis on semiconductors and metal oxides. Characterisation of layers, surfaces and interfaces, especially for structural, chemical, optical and electrical properties.