Institute of public enterprise

Institute of Public Enterprise

The Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE)

       The Institute of Public Enterprise of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit aims the comprehensive skill development and career guidance to the students of our University and the educated candidates from outer community in order to make them efficient to face their future challenges through continuous skill trainings. The institute will provide opportunities for the students to gain the necessary mental health, Confidence and to become self sufficient in employment. It also supports the students in the development of their life skills to challenge the rigors of competitive examinations and selection processes.
The institute stands for integrating the activities of Career Guidance and Counseling Cell, ASAP, Employment Information & Guidance Bureau under a single umbrella which has been working in the University to provide additional skill development training, career guidance and counseling and training for competitive examinations .It extends the same to the outside community people also.

Board of Directors

  1. Dr. M.B Gopalakrishnan (Registrar) - Chairman
  2. Dr.M Sathian Director, IPE     - Convener
  3. Dr.A. Pasilithil , Director, Planning & Development - Member
  4. Dr.Unnikrishnan P , Director,Students Services - Member
  5. Empolyment Bureau Chief/ Deputy Chief - Member
  6. Manju K.M , Coordinator, IPE  - Member
  7. Keerthana P , Campus Union Chairperson, (E-mail) - Member



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