About Stride Project

Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit is one among the 16 universities awarded for the Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy (STRIDE) of UGC. It is a platform to nourish the research skills and capabilities of researchers and academic faculties. The project focussed on the academic enrichment programmes for teachers and researchers belongs to the language, humanities and social science as part of UGC-STRIDE project. The aim of the project is that the young researchers and faculty members could conduct researches highlighting indigenous traditions in innovative ways and could develop fruitful dialogues, within and between regions and also with pan Indian and global trends.

Project Title
Academic Enrichment Programme for Language, Humanities and Social Science Teachers and Researchers

Broad Area of the project: 

Explorations into Socio-Cultural Linkages through Language, Social Science and Arts

Major Activities Planned
  • Workshop on research methodology
  • Workshops on academic publishing
  • Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Academic writing workshops
  • Exchange programmes
  • Workshops on the preparation of project proposals
  • Researchers’ meet
  • Internships
  • Mentorship in research publication
  • Faculty development programmes
  • Emeritus professors
  • Short term research funding
  • Seed money
  • Faculty and student exchange programme and international collaboration
  • Motivational support programmes for research scholars
  • Short term courses on writing, methodology
  • Developing select bibliographies and data base
  • Training to analysis software (language, quantitative, qualitative etc.)


Centre for Comparative Literature