Centre of Studies for Comparative Literature

Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady launched postgraduate courses in comparative literature in 2003 that are interdisciplinary in spirit and composition. These courses, anchoring simultaneously in modern Indian languages and their pan-Indian cultural umbrella of Sanskrit language and literature, engage with other languages and literatures through the medium of English. The Departments of Sanskrit Sahitya, English, Hindi, and Malayalam actively co-operate with these programs.
Originally, the idea of Comparative literature studies in Sanskracharya University of Sanskrit was proposed by the Department of Sanskrit Sahitya. In compliance with the great goals and objectives of the University, which is fertile for the study of languages, literature and culture; it has been a widely welcomed initiative. To explore the diversity of Indian literature and its study, along with other literatures of the world with a comparative perspectives. The discipline stood for truth, goodness, and beauty of life attracted the imagination of the teachers and students alike.
Acknowledging the relevance of comparative literature studies in the University, the Centre for comparative literature was started in 2006. The University gave charge of the centre to Dr. T. Vasudevan, Associate Professor, and Dept of Sahitya as the Coordinator of the Centre. After the retirement of Dr. T. Vasudevan, Dr. K.V Ajithkumar undertakes the charge of the Centre. After his term, Dr. S. Preeya, Professor, Department of Malayalam is acted as the coordinator of the centre. Currently Dr. K.V. Ajithkumar is the coordinator and Dr. T. Vasudevan is the visiting professor of the centre.


The learning of different literatures cutting across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries in the broad humanistic context, which in turn facilitates to understand and experience the essential unity of human race, nature and consciousness in its manifold manifestations.
  • Deeply engage with literatures of India and abroad cutting across linguistic and cultural boundaries
  • Integrate Sanskrit wisdom which envisages the world, with all its diversity and generosity of spirit, as a single family (Vasudhaiva kutumbakam)
  • Inculcate Inter -disciplinary attitude to inspire the student community with the spirit of inclusiveness
  • Focus on the Comparative Indian Literature with other literatures to highlight Indian Literature and Culture in the era of Globalization.
  • Appreciate the cultural and language diversities and accomplish harmony of Mankind through Literature.
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Cultural Milieu
  • Skill in languages and literatures.
  • Inclusiveness
  • Interaction with intellectuals in the globalised world with the firm background of indigenous knowledge


Centre for Comparative Literature